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Umbilical cord blood can be the only hope when certain childhood conditions strike

You can harvest and store your child’s cord blood at birth

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Find out more about umbilical cord blood banking below. We can put you in touch with one of our partner OBGYN’s or you are welcome to come for a consultation with one of our own Doc Stars…we can arrange for this service in the Metro Manila area at present but watch this space for our national roll-out of the service.


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Stem cells harvested from umbilical cord blood are immature cells that can both reproduce themselves and have the potential to turn into other types of cells. There are several types. The ones in umbilical cord blood are called hematopoietic progenitor cells (HPCs).

Peace of mind

Unfortunately there are some illnesses that are devastating when they occur during infancy and childhood, we are all familiar with childhood leukemia for instance.

Stem cell based treatments are at the forefront of treatments of such deseases and also an integral part of coping and recovering from chemo and radiotherapy.

Harvesting and storing your child’s stem cells at birth, in a painless procedure makes sense, especially if you are in a country where there is no public stem cell bank to draw a match from.

Later in life your children will thank you for having the foresite to do this for them too as stem cell based treatments fulfill their potential as the next step in medicine.

Promising Research in Regenerative Medicine
In addition to saving lives through stem cell transplants, cord blood stem cells have properties that have been shown in the laboratory to help the body repair itself – known as regenerative medicine. It’s estimated that 1 in 3 people in the U.S. may benefit from regenerative therapy in their lifetime.

Future Potential
Currently there are over 230 clinical trials evaluating newborn stem cells for the treatment of various conditions, many of which can’t be predicted by family history.  When stored properly, newborn stem cells will not “expire”. They remain safe and ready for future use, which means their benefits can last a lifetime.

A Perfect Match
Every person’s stem cells are unique. A child is always a perfect match to his or her stem cells and may be a match for a sibling or other family member.


Current Treatments
Cord blood stem cells have advantages over bone marrow in transplants and have been used in more than 30,000 transplants to regenerate healthy blood and immune systems. Today, stem cell therapies continue to evolve, bringing new hope to patients and their families.

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