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You can’t avoid aging but you can now influence how you age on an unprecedented level.

Find out about stem cell banking in Manila


Find out more about stem cell banking below however we recommend that you come for a consultation with one of our Doc Stars…we’ll give you the information you need in person. We can also arrange for you to see one of our approved OBGYN’s


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Umbilical cord blood banking

Unfortunately there are some illnesses that are devastating when they occur during infancy and childhood, we are all familiar with childhood leukemia for instance. Stem cells are at the forefront for the treatment of such deseases and also an integral part of coping and recovering from chemo and radiotherapy.

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Asia’s stem cell bank

Stem cell banking addresses the problem that as we age, the amount of viable stem cells availble to tackle the ravages of time diminishes. Bank your cells whilst they are plentiful and viable. Stem cell based treatment is not only the cutting edgse of treatment fcor many age related conditions now, it’s clearly the future of medicine in general, make sure you’re prepared…

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About MARC

MARC Regenerative Center offers a wide range of regenerative cell based analysis and treatments. For international visitors we can also arrange all inclusive treatment packages including treatment.