The hands you remember



Lasting improvements.

Very fast results

Minimal recovery time.

Because they’re uncovered most of the time, your hands can be a big giveaway about your age. Find out about stem cell assisted hand rejuvenation below or book a consultation with one of our Doc Stars…we’ll give you an honest opinion about what you can expect.


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The hands you remember can be yours again

Use your body’s own natural fat to help your hands look as young as you feel.

Aside from your face, your hands are one of the first parts of your body to show signs of ageing. With this procedure, hollow areas are ”plumped up”, adding volume to bony regions and giving a fuller structure in the hands.

The procedure is painless and takes just 30 minutes to one hour and is performed under local anaesthesia.
It requires little to no downtime, and is fast & safe.


  • Renew, repair and replenish hollow, sunken hands
  • No major incisions or trauma to the body
  • Involves little to no pain/discomfort, no general anaesthesia, with faster recovery and little downtime
  • Results are longer lasting and natural looking
  • Uses your own fat with – No foreign material, or use of implants

About MARC

MARC Regenerative Center offers a wide range of regenerative cell based analysis and treatments. For international visitors we can also arrange all inclusive treatment packages including treatment.