Stem cell assisted



Reshaping after childbirth & child rearing

No implants needed, it’s all you.

Natural look & feel, minimal recovery time.

Find out more about stem cell assisted breast augmentation below, however as each body is unique we recommend you come for a consultation with one of our Doc Stars…we’ll give you an honest opinion about what you can expect & if cell based treatment is appropriate we will advise you of alternatives.


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Stem cell breast augmentation

This treatment is the least invasive and most natural breast augmentation procedure and uses your own fat tissue, which is a rich source of stem cells and regenerative cells. This provides women the option of enlarging their breast without the use of unnatural looking and feeling implants.
The end result is enlarged breasts that are very natural in appearance and feel without the complications associated with implants.

Unlike traditional implants, this procedure will not interfere with future Mammograms or breastfeeding.

The technique does not require general anesthesia, typically requires only 48 hour recovery period and leaves permanent results.

BENEFITS of stem cell assisted breast augmentation

  • Results are long-lasting and natural looking
  • No risk of allergic or adverse reaction
  • Involves little to no pain/discomfort, no general anaesthesia
  • Treatment takes a few hours and does not require a hospital stay

If you are travelling from outside Manila find out how you can arrange an appointment for this procedure and discus all elements of your trip to the clinic, transport and accommodation (if needed) from our one stop travel and treatment desk. We can tailor make your trip for you and arrange everything for one fixed price.

Contact us to find out more about your stem cell assisted breast augmentation at MARC.

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