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If you’re active you can’t help but pick up injuries and these increase as we age.

Stem cell based treatments are routinely used in pro sports .

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runnerWe are no longer at the dawn of regenerative medicine, in sports medicine in particular their use is routine.
Specialist sports doctors were amongst the early adopters and elite athletes such as Peyton Manning (who turned to stem cells when his neck wasn’t healing) who have led the charge.

Now this treatment is available to everyone and you don’t need an elite athletes money to get the treatment you need.

What is it that makes the allure of stem cells attractive to those high-caliber athletes?

According to Dr. Dennis Lox, a Sports Medicine and Regenerative specialist, in the Tampa Bay, Florida area, stem cells have unique capabilities for injured athletes.

First the stem cells are very effective at alleviating inflammatory responses seen in chronic injuries. By blocking and altering the mechanisms in which inflammation occurs, some chronic injuries may heal.

Secondly stem cells are also regenerative cells that may heal by releasing factors that enable healing to occur,

Thirdly the stem cells may allow regeneration of injured tissue.

None of these benefits can be achieved by cortisone injections, or anti-inflammatory medications.

The unique way in which regenerative therapies such as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and stem cells, exert effects on injured tissues will always be seen positively as athletes search for better and quicker healing treatments.

Pro athletes need to be concerned with career longevity. Amateur athletes want to know that they can continue to compete at their level for as long as they enjoy their sport.

For both these groups stem cell therapy is an attractive option.

Stem cell therapy for sports injuries also represent a much less invasive option to surgery and a significantly quicker response and recovery time too.


Below are some independent videos about how stem cell treatments work in sports.

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