The FDA and Big Pharma are up to it again.  US regulators have been given a green light to deliver the first and the only drug that can treat the overdose of chemotherapy or severe allergic reactions to chemotherapy.  The approval was based on clinical data that show the overall survival rate of patients with 5-Fu toxicity who received a single dose of Vista-Guard was 96%. Vista-Guard marketed by well stat therapeutics corporation based in Gaithersburg, Maryland is taken orally and can block cell damage and cell death caused by 5-Fu.

Why doesn’t anyone ask the question, Why the heck are oncologist giving overdoses of the drug for in the first place?  Who’s controlling them?  Why are they doing it and why aren’t the doctors held accountable?

It’s the doctor that’s prescribing the drug! The patient’s not doing it.  So why aren’t there consequences for the physicians that prescribe an overdose? Oh no, we have to give the medical doctors a pass.  It’s all a work in progress – right? It’s the practice of medicine… Which begs the question: Why on earth are we still using chemotherapy when The Journal of Clinical Oncology (Volume 16, issue 8, December 2004, pages 549 to 560) reported a 97% failure rate of chemotherapy given to adults with cancer.  The authors of the study did a meta-analysis of 14 years of data from adults who had developed cancer.  14 years of data is a lot of data!  This was a gigantic study published in the gold standard of cancer research – The Journal of Clinical Oncology.  It was published 11 years ago this month.  So why are the MDs still recommending chemotherapy when the published research clearly shows that chemotherapy does not work for adult onset cancer?





The prescription of chemotherapeutic drugs is a gigantic moneymaker for the oncologist and the hospital.  You can’t get chemotherapy drugs from your local pharmacy.  The only person that can order them is the oncologist. The oncologist orders them at the wholesale price, marks them up a remarkable amount, bills your insurance company the marked up price.  The insurance company pays approximately 80% of this – and the oncologist in the hospital split the profits. (This arrangement does not apply in the prescription of normal drugs which are bought at the pharmacy.) It is a gigantic money making machine for oncologists and for hospitals and that is why they still do it. If you’re not angry, you are not paying attention!

However, let’s not overlook the obvious.  Let’s take a look at cancer survival rates.

The pancreatic cancer death rate after one year of conventional treatment – 86% of pancreatic cancer patients will be dead! After five years it is 98%.  It is abysmal – and yet the MDs still rollout chemotherapy all of the time, even though it does not work!

Let’s take a look at kidney cancer.  After two years of conventional treatment with radiation, chemo and surgery, 78% of kidney cancer patients will be dead. After five years of chemo, radiation, and surgery 90% of kidney cancer patients will be dead! Breast cancer is no better.

Ovarian cancer death rates after three years of radiation, chemo and surgery it’s 55%.  Then 71% of ovarian cancer patients will be dead and after five years of conventional treatment!

After two years of conventional cancer treatment, 50% of breast cancer patients will be dead, and after five years 77% of breast cancer patients will be dead.

This is after the MDs hacked off the breasts, polluted their bodies with chemotherapy and radiation and ruined the quality of the last years of their lives.  The cancer patient does not get better.  The oncologist gets richer.  The hospital gets richer in my book, The MD Emperor Has No Clothes, I have a chapter on cancer and I outlined 10 questions that every cancer patient needs to ask their oncologist – in the presence of a witness and a recording device.


  1. Do your treatments cure my cancer? That’s a pretty good question, don’t you think?
  2. If your treatments don’t cure my cancer what should I expect them to do?
  3. What side effects will your treatments create?
  4. What is the possibility of this treatment, causing cancer?
  5. How are you going to treat the side effects?
  6. I would like to talk to 10 of your patients who have been treated for this type of cancer and see what their experience was like.  Can you provide me with their contact information?
  7. How much money do you profit from these treatments?
  8. How much money does the hospital profit from these treatments?
  9. If you can’t cure the cancer, then why are you even attempting to treat it in the first place?
  10. If you were me, would you take the treatments that you are recommending?

If people simply asked these questions to their oncologist very few of them would line up for the MD’s treatments.  But nobody asks these questions, because everybody is bullied into treatment by the MDs.

The numbers are in ladies and gentlemen.  It doesn’t matter whether you believe in wholistic medicine or not.  It doesn’t matter if you know how to spell vitamin or not.  It doesn’t matter if you know the first, second or third things about statistical analyses. It doesn’t matter if you know anything about pathophysiology. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t know how to spell vitamin.  The facts are the facts.  You’re welcome to your own opinion but not to your own set of facts. We have lost the war on cancer –  and while we have given ourselves over to the advice of the oncologist we are getting worse and worse and they are getting richer.

Stay tuned, because I can show you a way to promote your bodies natural ability to heal itself. Because remember, Healing Is Easy!

-Live long & prosper-

Dr. Glidden