Optimise now, enjoy later

It is a cliché that prevention is better than a cure, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. Preventative medicine & health optimisation are areas that you’re going to hear about often in the coming years. Developments in many areas of diagnostics & interventions mean that we’ve never had so much control over how to remain healthy & how we age.

Cellular medicine, a new approach

Looking at your health and your likelihood of developing certain conditions used to be difficult. With cellular based diagnostics and treatments we are on a much firmer footing these days. This is no longer the medicine of the future, it’s right here, right now. MARC offers the latest in health screening and assessment so get in touch and take control.

The 'Doc Stars'

MARC have made strong relationships with some of the leading practitioners and surgeons in the city and beyond. If a doctor is under the MARC banner you can rest assured that they are amongst the best in their field. You can also take it for granted that their ethical standards as high as MARC’s too or they wouldn’t be with us.

How to remain fabulous?

What you need to know about MARC’s

cellular interventions so you can

add more life to your years.

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Stem Cell Banking

The primary force to fight several heartbreaking serious childhood ilnesses such as leukemia is stem cells harvested painlessly from the umbilical cord when the child is born. It’s a wise investment. Viable stem cells decrease with age, having your own cells stored now means more viable cells are available later in life.


Sports medicine

If you’re active you can’t help but pick up injuries and these increase as we age. Stem cell based treatments are routinely used in pro sports. Once this type of treatment was the preserve of elite professional athletes but now it is more realistically priced. If sports are your passion, find out how we can help you.


Poly clinic

MARC is a true multidisciplinary poly clinic totally focused on health optimisation and anti aging.

We also have specialists in dermatology, plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, physical therapy, geriatrics, orthopaedics, endocrynology and several general practitioners operating regular clinics daily.


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